Testimonials and References

Over the years I have taught hundreds of kids, a great many with multiple learning handicaps. I have worked closely with students, families and schools, and have a long track record of getting significant results quickly. References are available from parents, teachers and administrators upon request.


The following are a few testimonials:

“We are fortunate to have Marie Freeman available in our area to provide Lindamood testing and programs for children with reading problems related to auditory perception.”

Dr. Treasure Wheeler, Rogue Valley Optometric Clinic, Medford OR

“Marie worked with my son who has mixed dyslexia as well as anxiety about learning because it was so difficult for him.  She was wonderful for him and really understood how to teach him.  She was very patient with him and really helped him move forward with his reading and handwriting.  I got to sit in on many sessions she had with my son and I loved her teaching approach.  She also helped me understand how to teach my son.  I would recommend her to anyone who has a child that is struggling in school.  My son loved her dog BeBe.  BeBe was a big help in getting him to relax and he looked forward to seeing her every visit.”

Jennifer Stimpert, Medford, OR

“My daughter was struggling with reading and speech, causing difficulty keeping up with her 4th grade class. We were sick with worry, having already tried many forms of intervention through our local school, without improvement. I am forever grateful for Marie Freeman. She assessed my daughters skills and tailored a tutoring program. My daughter immediately began to show improvement in her reading and confidence. Not only is Marie professional and a pleasure to work with, she is loving and kind to her students.   She is a blessing to our daughter and I would recommend her tutoring sessions to anyone.”

Tammy Thompson, Greenview, CA

“Mrs. Freeman, Thought you would enjoy hearing that because of your tutoring early on, PJ is going on to do great things… In August PJ will be attending Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX.”

Katy Callahan, Los Olivos, CA.

“Marie Freeman has been working with our son for over 3 years now and we wouldn’t be where we are without her. Her knowledge of kids who are struggling with reading and other subjects is invaluable!!!”

Dana & Marty Daniels, Eagle Point, OR

“…You are so good with him and he loves working on the art and science!! We’ve seen that the tutoring is good for his learning and flexibility. We definitely want to bring him back to see you in the fall. We really think you have been a key component in Kyle suceeding in general ed.”

Connie Clarstrom, Central Point, OR

“Marie’s dedication to help EJ learn with different tools has been endless. Her knowledge of teaching reflects in EJ’s progress and confidence. Marie is gentle, kind, patient, and has solid skills and resources when working with difficult learners. Her Educational Assessment of EJ has been invaluable and instrumental in identifying how EJ learns and the areas he needs help with.”

Pamala Hislip, Medford Oregon

” Marie’s knowledgeable and caring approach has allowed my son, Kyle, to go from being behind in reading to now excelling at his grade level. Her application of different styles of learning and child development, combined with a one-on-one approach, makes all the difference. Not only is reading easy now for Kyle, it is fun too. I would highly recommend Marie for any child who needs a little extra help to master and enjoy reading.”

Connie Clarstrom, Gold Hill Oregon

“The students who were referred to Mrs. Freeman benefited greatly from her instruction. We saw significant improvement in their reading. As a former teacher, Mrs. Freeman understood the rigor and the constraints of a public school system. As the principal of Los Olivos School District I was very sad to hear the Freemans were moving. Our loss will be another community’s gain. I can’t speak highly enough about the dedication of Mrs Freeman to her profession.”

Gary Crispin, Principal Los Olivos Elementary, Los Olivos, CA

“Marie Freeman brings out the best in students with her nurturing personality. She addresses the needs of the “whole” child implementing a variety of techniques in meeting individual learning styles. Marie’s success in motivating students to read reflects her extensive experience and unmatched professionalism.”

Pam Stover, Teacher and Colleague Los Olivos, CA

“Mrs. Freeman was the first grade teacher for both our daughters. She is a superb teacher, very organized and detailed. Our youngest daughter Lindsey had some learning problems coming out of kindergarten but with the help of Mrs. Freeman in first grade, she is now ahead of grade level. She will surely help your child like no other. ”

Jim & Stephanie Wilson, Los Olivos, CA

“Mrs. Freeman has guided my children through their stumbling blocks to come out of each tutoring class feeling more successful and bubbling with confidence. My children will always cherish the time spent learning to read and write with Mrs. Freeman and will use the confidence they gained in every aspect of their lives.”

Shawnda Marmorstein, Ashland OR

“I owe my daughter’s success, in large part, to Marie’s extensive knowledge of child development as well as learning differences. Her multiple years of experience,as a teacher as well as her supplemental certification in the Lindamood-Bell learning technique make her an asset in her field. Marie’s ceaseless patience, calm demeanor, and ability to work in a suscinct manner help her build confidence in every child with whom she works.”

Mary Beth Johnson, Los Olivos, CA

“Marie was well respected by her peers, students, parents, and administration. I have observed her interacting with her students setting high expectations along with her reassurance, all in an accepting and professional manner. Marie also facilitated and led the Student Study Team. Her additional training in Special Education was utilized by the District often.”

Phyllis Grier, Retired Business Manager, Los Olivos School District, Los Olivos, CA

“For the past fifteen years I have had the priviledge of working with Marie Freeman. Once Marie opened her tutoring business, she became the first person I would refer families to. Her knowledge, training, and compassion for students was always the basis for my referral.  Your community is fortunate to have a resource like Marie Freeman.”

Heather Blanchard, First Grade Teacher, Los Olivos School, Los Olivos, CA

I first observed Marie almost 15 years ago, and immediately I could sense her dedication to teaching children.  In the years since, we have collaborated many times to share ideas and strategies for addressing a wide array of learning disabilities.  She has a rare gift for assessing a child’s abilities and providing “just right” therapeutic activities to build confidence and promote learning.   I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking for quality individualized educational therapy.

Neal Carlson – Pediatric Occupational Therapist  Columbia University

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