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The Rogue River Reading Camp is dedicated to providing summer reading practice to students entering grades 2-5, in five consecutive 1 week sessions from July 8 to Aug 9, 2013. The private gated host residence located in Gold Hill Oregon will provide a secure environment for the students to also study local environmental elements, create hands on art and craft projects, and interact with a small group of peers in a cooperative manner.

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Rogue River Reading Camp Questions and Answers

What will my child be taught?

Each student will receive an informal reading assessment and instructional plan from RRRC Director and Founder, Marie Freeman prior to each camper’s first day of camp. Parents are required to attend the assessment and planning meeting. Assessment will cover the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, vocabulary, and comprehension. With the results of this brief assessment an individualized reading plan will be shared with the parents and camper.

For example, a primary grade student may need to focus on sight vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and phonics while a fourth or fifth grader might need to focus on fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The informal assessment is included in the cost of the camp.

How will my child be taught?

Every day campers will receive daily individual and small group instruction in reading. RRRC will utilize learning materials aligned with the national common core standards for reading and language development.  We have a library of children’s books for silent and guided reading and small group reading games. Campers will not use computers, rather they will play and work cooperatively with staff and in small groups.Every student will receive a reflections journal and have time to write daily.

RRRC will incorporate many of the Lindamood Bell Language Processing Programs as necessary in addressing individual reading needs.  These sensory-cognitive research based programs improve language processing and help children develop the necessary reading skills of decoding, word recognition, and comprehension.

What else will the campers do?

In addition to daily individualized reading practice, each week will have a theme that will enhance outdoor learning across the curriculum. Weekly theme study will include fun lessons in science, writing, reading, painting, and hands on projects.   For example, during our History and Lore of the Rogue River Week students activities will include learning about the Takelma Native Americans that once lived right on the property, we will create canoes, race them, paint river rocks, and write about the weeks’ events.

Weekly Themes for Rogue River Reading Camp 2013

Week 1   7/8 -7/12:     Flora and Fauna of the Rogue River

Week 2   7/ 15-7/19:   Farm and Ranch Animals and Pets

Week 3   7/ 22-7/26:   Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies of the Rogue Valley

Week 4   7/29-8/ 2:     Summer Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Week 5   8/5-8/9:        History and Lore of the Rogue River Valley

RRRC will include daily physical movement activities. Activities such as running, skipping, and swimming, and ball play enrich sensory motor processing thus enhancing overall brain functioning for young readers. We will stress cooperative play rather than competitive play since we have a mix of primary and elementary age children of varied abilities.

Parents can opt to give permission for campers to swim in our pool for about 20 minutes at the end of the day. If you agree to this your child will be supervised by two staff members with no more than six children swimming at a time with the staff. Parents are welcome to attend the swim sessions. The in ground pool is not heated.

Children not opting to swim the last 20 minutes of the day will be supervised by one or more staff members while they play cooperative games outdoors, read outdoors, or join in an easy craft activity.

What are the hours, numbers, and costs?

The morning camp runs four hours each morning from 9am until 1pm Monday through Friday, for five weeks from July 8 – August 9. Students can attend as many weeks as they wish but we will accommodate a maximum of twelve students weekly. The teacher student ratio will be one teacher to four students or better.

Camp cost is $160 weekly which breaks down to $8 per hour. Assessment and all materials are included in this cost.  Because it is still early in the spring, we are currently encouraging parents to sign up their children during the first three weeks of camp.

Who are the staff members?

Marie Freeman Director and Founder:

I own and live on the property. My husband and I moved from Santa Barbara County California two years ago where I was special education and regular education teacher. After retiring from public school teaching I ran my own educational therapy business where I worked with a great many struggling readers referred to me by parents and school personnel.

I will employ two 25 hour per week aides that have local public school experience in special education. Both aides are parents themselves. I will also have one part time aide who is a retired teacher presently active in in the SMART Reading Program. Each week we will have volunteer readers from the local Smart Reading Program. All staff members have had criminal background checks, CPR, and first aid training.

What is the typical daily schedule?

Daily RRRC Schedule

9:00           Campers arrive: (stow lunches, bathroom, etc)

9:15- 9:45   Classroom Session 1:

There will be four students per teacher maximum. Three classrooms will be set up: the outdoor covered classroom and two indoor classrooms are utilized. Students work with the same teacher for all four sessions that day. Each day campers rotate to another teacher for the day. As the teacher individualizes with one student, the other 3 students choose activities such as cooperative reading games, silent reading, and journal writing. Some students may even have a specific assignment to complete. After 15 minutes, teachers individualize with another student from that group.

9:45-10:15    Classroom Session 2: Same as Above

10:15-10:45   Snack & Recess In front yard for all

10:45-11:15   Classroom Session 3: Groups begin special theme activity

11:15-11:45    Classroom Session 4: Groups complete theme activity

11:45-12:05    Group 1 Swim (Remaining campers get a read aloud or another activity.)

12:10-12:30    Group 2 Swim (Remaining campers get a read aloud or another activity.)

12:30-1:00      Lunch

1:00                Camper Are Picked Up

Who provides snack and lunch?

Parents are to provide a healthy breakfast for their children since we will not have snack until 10:15. Snack and lunch is provided by parents and should be nutritious. Please limit sugar content in food. RRRC will provide unlimited amounts of bottled water for children.

What is the bathroom situation?

We are renting one very nice flushable portable bathroom with soap and water that will be positioned near the classrooms within sight of the teachers. If children are in another area of the property with the staff and they need to use the bathrooms, they will be accompanied by a staff member that will wait outside the bathroom for the camper.

What is the camp environment like?

Our camp consists of two indoor classrooms and one covered outdoor classroom. The Rogue Riverfront property is completely fenced; access to the river is fenced off and will only be permitted when students are with their teachers for the purpose of guided learning. Children will not be permitted in the River. There is more than ample grass space for physical play and although there are big shade trees, there is plenty of sun. We encourage all campers to wear sunscreen, layer their clothing and closed toed shoes are a must. We have a large, in ground pool, a greenhouse and a garden on the grounds as well.

Parents are welcome to come out and see the property before deciding on RRRC, please call for an appointment.

What about safety?

Your child’s safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to everyone working at RRRC. Children will not be allowed to wander freely on the property. Those children with signed parent permission to swim under supervision will only be in the pool area during specific “swim time” and they must be accompanied by their teacher. There will be safety rules for play and swim and for all cooperative learning activities. With this said your child must abide by the rules of safety in order to participate in RRRC.

Although there will be written camp safety rules and swim rules accompanying RRRC enrollment forms, I have asked three questions serving as rules of conduct over the past thirty five years. They will support us at RRRC as well:

Is it safe?      Is it courteous?      Is it my best work?

What is the enrollment process?

The enrollment process and forms will be posted by May 1, 2013. If you have questions prior to May 1 regarding enrollment please contact Marie directly: 541-727-2198

Since this is year one of RRRC, where can I find testimonials and references for Marie Freeman?

You can find testimonials on this website: More testimonials and all references are available by contacting Marie directly: 541-727-2198

More Questions?

Please contact Marie Freeman directly: 541-727-2198 or