Current Offerings

Serving Kindergarten – Sixth Grade

Early intervention is crucial to ensuring your child’s academic success.
Don’t allow the “gap” to get too big!



NEWS: Marie Freeman is an approved vendor for the Logos Public Charter School in Medford Oregon. Logos will partially subsidize Marie Freeman Educational Therapy private sessions.  Find Marie Freeman Educational Therapy on the Logos VENDOR  List under “Tutoring”:

Private Session Rate listed below.

Private Educational Therapy Sessions: $40 per hour
Intensive individualized educational interventions for children of all learning styles. Offering a wide range of methods and strategies to support children struggling in school, as well as children with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADD.

Educational Assessment: $40 per hour
Formal and informal assessment of academics and language processing skills. Assessments include a written report of results and recommendations.

Specializing in the Lindamood-Bell Processing Techniques
Addressing phonics, phonemic awareness, word attack, fluency, orthography, oral directions, comprehension, critical thinking, math reasoning and math computation.

 Consultation: $40 per hour. 

A  free half hour initial consultation is offered where I will invite you to explain your student’s needs, and I will describe my work and how I can help your student. If you are interested in pursuing educational therapy, I will give you a packet of information to complete at home and return to me prior to our next meeting.

Our second meeting will be an intake consultation, where we can discuss all information, academic records, assessment needs, and a remediation plan.

Additional consultations can be arranged from time to time for review of assessment reports, school communications, (conferences, IEP meetings, etc.) or whenever questions and changes arise. Communication between home and school is essential in order to ensure a unified understanding of student’s needs. Ongoing monitoring of all appropriate support strategies is necessary for student success.

On and Off Site Sessions
I offer a private resource room at my Eagle Point home where your child can feel safe and positively engaged in learning. I am also available to travel to an appropriate site for sessions. Mileage reimbursement would apply.


Supporting Five Components of Reading:
• Phonemic Awareness
• Phonics
• Fluency
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension

Additional Areas of Focus:
• Basic Writing Skills
• Handwriting
• Organization and Study Skills
• Self Esteem Building
• Math Reasoning and Computation
• Executive Functioning