About Marie Freeman

I offer private educational therapy to primary & elementary grade students here in Southern Oregon with an emphasis on early intervention in language processing. If your student is struggling in school, I can help her succeed.

I have held California teaching credentials in regular and special educations for over thirty-five years. I’ve relocated from California where I taught both regular and special education classrooms in public schools, and practiced private educational therapy.  I am pleased to offer private educational therapy sessions here in Southern Oregon reinforcing the Common Core Standards through research based methods.

My husband and I are “semi-retired” and I have my own home resource room in Eagle Point, OR.

Besides helping struggling students, my passions are animals, gardening, nature, and on most days, golf. I have one friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bee Bee, my students love her!

I have worked closely with kids, families and schools for many years, and have a long track record of getting significant results quickly.  Please feel free to check with any of the many parents, teachers, and administrator with whom I have worked.

You can read my full resume here.