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I provide Educational Therapy which includes:

  • Assessment and treatment of learning challenges
  • Reading, writing, and math tutoring
  • In Southern Oregon 

For children who are:

  • Elementary Age
  • Struggling Academically
  • Learning Challenged
  • Learning Disabled
  • Dyslexic
  • ADD/AdHD
  • ASD/Autistic
  • Below Grade Level                                        

By Incorporating:

  • Assessment and Treatment
  • Reading Instruction
  • Written Language Instruction
  • Math Instruction
  • Lindamood Bell Programs
  • Language Processing Support
  • Auditory Processing Support
  • Executive Functioning Support
  • Social Emotional Support


As a professional educator specializing in primary & elementary grade children with learning challenges, my mission is to maximize every student’s potential through private, individualized, well-proven educational therapy methods.

This website is dedicated to sharing my educational therapy philosophy and services. These pages explain who I am and how I help students, parents and schools.

I have been a professional elementary educator for over forty years in regular and special education. Over the years I have taught hundreds of kids, a great many with multiple handicaps such as dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and language based disabilities. After teaching for many years in the public schools I began my private educational therapy in California twelve years ago. Five years ago I relocated to Southern Oregon and am very excited to offer educational therapy supporting Oregon’s Core Curriculum for the elementary grades.

My passion is to be an advocate not only for students but for parents: providing professional rapport through regular home and school communication and expressing optimism for the student’s future.  Through formal and informal evaluation, I develop individual goals based on each student’s specific needs and utilize proven practices incorporating multisensory strategies of intervention.  I often incorporate the research validated Lindamood-Bell Programs to develop the skills of reading, spelling, language comprehension, critical thinking and math.  Each private remediation session is structured to support the academic, social, and emotional needs of the student thereby ensuring positive self-esteem building every step of the way.

The frequency and duration of services varies based upon each child’s individual needs. Some students have learning challenges that are severe (dyslexia for example), while others have “gaps” in learning that require skills to be re-taught through different modalities. Therefore how long it takes to bring a student to function at her maximum potential depends upon the severity of the problem and the frequency of sessions. Optimally, many require two to four sessions weekly with a duration of one to three years until the student reaches independent academic success. Private educational therapy is a process, it addresses not only academic issues but psycho-educational and social emotional aspects of lifelong learning as well.


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